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The small wine-growing village of Kurdějov lies near Hustopeče in a deep valley surrounded by the foothills of the Žďánický Hills. It has a unique closed microclimate, highly sloping tracks and great exposure. All our tracks are characterized by calcareous sandstone overlain by calcareous loess. We currently manage 10.5 hectares of vineyards.

Gurdau terroir a tratě Vrstevnice

Local terroir and vineyards

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Our youngest and at the same time highest track - it stretches from 300 m above sea level to 353 m above sea level. Only our flagship Riesling variety can be found here.

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The track with a dominant position directly above the Gothic church - you will see it as soon as you drive through the serpentines from Hustopeče. This breathtaking location was chosen for the construction of a winery house, which has grown in the middle of the vineyards and you can see all the way to Pálava. The vineyards stretch at an altitude of 248-287 m above sea level and cover an area of 4 hectares. The track is oriented southwest and is the only one that hosts all of our 3 white varieties.

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Stará Hora

A track known mainly for our premium Riesling, oriented southeast. You will find it right next to the Vinohrádky vineyard. It covers an area of 3 hectares and stretches at an altitude of 233-285 m above sea level. In the spring of 2021 we planted the very first blue varieties. Specifically, these varieties are Blaufränkisch, Merlot and Dornfelder and will join forces in an upcoming red cuvée.

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The track is situated in the eastern part of Kurdějov at an altitude of 290 - 310 m above sea level, it is oriented southwest and covers an area of 2.6 hectares. It was planted in 2022 and hosts Riesling and Pinot Blanc varieties.


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Riesling 2022

Vesnice Kurdějov

Riesling 2022

Delicate and shy, aromas of chamomile and meadow flowers unite with nuanced notes of lanolin and Sicilian lemon oil. It unfolds on the palate, starting softly and building into a stunning momentum.

Powerful concentration with herbal lift and tangy delight reminiscent of Amalfi lemons captures the essence of Amalfi, from pulp to peel, including the astringent crunch of lemon seeds.

The harmonious dance of flavors continues with a blend of ripe orange and juicy peach, complemented by the touch of rosemary. The texture is like raw silk, offering a luxurious feel, leading to a long, lingering pomelo finish.
Expressive and drinking beautifully.

Pinot Blanc 2022


Pinot Blanc 2022

Delicate aromas of Kazanlak white rose evocate flavours such honey, lemon peel, green apple, raspberry and a hint of spices, cinnamon and cloves. Fabulous creamy, silky texture and crushed-chalk minerality, which deepens the texture and intensifies the flavours.

Fresh apricots and pear take center stage. Add on honey and chilli glazed macadamia nuts hightened by a dash of ginger root juice and the sweet-earthy bitterness of freshly harvested turmeric and you have a harmonious symphony and memorable experience.

Veltliner 2022


Veltliner 2022

Charming floral scents. Aromas of lily pad flowers on the first day, carrying a scent of pineapple and green apple peel.

The palate is bright and opulent, complemented by ripe Williams pear and delicious transparent summer apples. The minerality? Imagine alpine water flowing over smooth river stones.

In the mid-palate, a thrilling tension arises with Sichuan pepper, red chili, and salt. It is the calm notes of vanilla yogurt, breakfast buttered toast, and white tea leaves that create a beautifully balanced experience. Elegant and persistent.

Veltliner 2022

Vesnice Kurdějov

Veltliner 2022

Joy and positivity. 'Golden' bouquet of Marigold flowers and Amalfi lemons, along with crisp aroma of yellow apples and a subtle hint of mint captures the essence of summer.

Both juicy and mouth-watering. Just picked mirabels and distinct peachiness creating a delightful interplay with a dry, stony minerality, almost Riesling-like in its character.

A tangy-sweet note of kumquat works hard along the spice. Plenty of the classic white pepper. Full of energy and intensity without any heaviness.

Riesling 2022

Stará Hora

Riesling 2022

The first encounter unveils a burst of ripe peach aromas, accompanied by apricot nectar and a hint of candied orange zest. A profound perfume of pineapple sage adds an exotic touch to this sensory symphony.This wine is richly textured and concentrated.As it breathes, a beautiful evolution occurs in the glass, unveiling layer upon layer of nuance, herb, fruit, and steely minerality rising from the juicy depths.

Savor the syrupy juiciness of Asian pear, with notes of pineapple and fragrant elderflower. Enjoy the vibrant sweetness of Navel orange and mandarin juice, followed by the comforting presence of chamomile and the return of peaches. The journey continues with the exquisite taste of delicious yellow plum jam, delicately spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger.

This wine boasts a fine-boned structure with beautiful momentum, offering lush concentration and a well-balanced palate. Its deep, rich, and broad character, coupled with a firm, chewy texture, contributes to a lingering length, inviting you to relish each nuanced note.

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Gurdau wines celebrated in the world as well. James Suckling review

"i always asked myself where the daring and exciting Czech wines were, and now we have the answer in the latest Gurdau offering"

"...the most remarkable of them is the Gurdau Riesling Stará Hora 2021, a dry Riesling that reminded Stuart of a top Wachau wine, but with fresher acidity.

Although Gurdau was founded back in 2012 by Zdeněk Hort and Marek Sedláček, the winery has recently been transformed by the completion of an innovative winery building designed by Aleš Fiala.
It not only houses the winery but also apartments and wine bar. Private fine dinning experience is on offer as well. Gurdau is a winery with a triple focus. Riesling. Veltliner. Pinot blanc.

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Stará Hora 2021
Score: 94 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2020
Score: 92 Points

Gurdau Pinot Blanc Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 89 Points

Stuart Pigott - International Riesling Specialist, JamesSuckling.com

source: bit.ly/3qqzo18

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