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We are a team of enthusiasts who work with a passion for wine and nature. Working at Gurdau is both our joy and mission. Together, we strive to cultivate the vineyards, transform their potential into a top-notch product, and bring it to your table.


Attention to detail

At Gurdau, we place great emphasis on detail and precision. Everything, from wine barrels, beds in the apartments, to cutlery, has been carefully selected with regard to quality and design. This attention to individual aspects ensures that our visitors' overall experience is greatly enriched. Each element of the environment is thoughtfully designed to achieve harmony between aesthetics and functionality, providing a unique wine tasting experience that reflects the values and philosophy of our brand.

Humility towards nature

At Gurdau we have a strong commitment and humility towards nature. Our vineyards are carefully maintained using organic and sustainable practices, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape. Our on-site beehives not only supply us with delicious in-house honey, but also promote pollination and biodiversity in the vineyards. We operate in bio friendly production and we should receive organic wine certification by 2025. Through maintaining a balance between our operations and the natural ecosystem, we contribute to the ecological well-being of the region while ensuring our wines authentically reflect the terroir.

vrstevnice Gurdau pečeť
Vesnice Kurdějov
Vesnice Kurdějov

Respect for history

The wine-making tradition of the village Kurdějov dates back over a thousand years. The first official records of vineyards here date back to the 13th century when Kurdějov was considered one of the most significant wine-growing places. In 1286, lands with vineyards were purchased for high sums, and the wine from this region was only affordable for the high nobility. Some of the vineyard locations in this region were traded for whole villages. In the 16th century, German settlers brought advancements in winemaking and increased the value of local wines.

After World War II, the German settlers who took care of the vineyards had to leave. The remaining 1.5 hectares of vine rows that survived the war were divided among the remaining 20 inhabitants.

Who takes care of the Winery?


Marek Sedláček



Václav Hort

Winery operations manager


Josef Súkup



Marián Němec

Sommelier | Sales representative

Wine house

Right among the rows of a beautiful vineyard, at its peak, a place has been created where the passion for wine, food, and architecture connect. The Gurdau Winery House is minimalist, elegant, but also original and respectful of nature. Just like our wines. Since the summer of 2022, we have been pleased to invite wine lovers and hedonists to enjoy them on the terrace of our winery with a breathtaking view.



The initial sketches of the wine house began to take shape in 2014. The planning process was full of ideas, considerations, and redrawing. After many years of careful planning, the final idea was born, characterised by elegant curved shapes that harmoniously blend into the surrounding landscape. Construction started in the Spring of 2020 and was finished by March 2022. The placement of the winery directly among the vineyards is not a common occurrence in Moravia, allowing us to offer wine tastings in the very environment where the wine itself is created, all with humility and respect for the nature around.


The construction took 2 years to complete. The Wine House itself is notable for its unique architecture. Building in curved and precise shapes required a lot of technical effort and innovation.



Each glass, cutlery, table, and light bulb has several hours of consideration and iterations behind it. Our goal is for each item to fully express the philosophy and essence of our winery. You will find the best brands in the world, all under one roof.

"The construction of the house, taking into account its integration into the terrain and its shape, evoking the landscape's undulation, is made of reinforced concrete, complemented by acacia and oak wood on wall cladding, floors, terraces, blinds, and interior details. Great attention is paid to lighting, working with light and shadow, and the design of interior details and furniture by Daniela Hradilová, to create a simple yet pleasant and unforgettable emotional experience."

Aleš Fiala

Architect of the Wine House



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Gurdau wines celebrated in the world as well. James Suckling review

"i always asked myself where the daring and exciting Czech wines were, and now we have the answer in the latest Gurdau offering"

"...the most remarkable of them is the Gurdau Riesling Stará Hora 2021, a dry Riesling that reminded Stuart of a top Wachau wine, but with fresher acidity.

Although Gurdau was founded back in 2012 by Zdeněk Hort and Marek Sedláček, the winery has recently been transformed by the completion of an innovative winery building designed by Aleš Fiala.
It not only houses the winery but also apartments and wine bar. Private fine dinning experience is on offer as well. Gurdau is a winery with a triple focus. Riesling. Veltliner. Pinot blanc.

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Stará Hora 2021
Score: 94 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2020
Score: 92 Points

Gurdau Pinot Blanc Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 89 Points

Stuart Pigott - International Riesling Specialist, JamesSuckling.com

source: bit.ly/3qqzo18

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