Winery origin

Gurdau Winery was established in 2012 in the South Moravian village of Kurdějov. A year later, 7 hectares of vineyards were planted here. With this step, we proudly revived the local winemaking tradition, which had been suspended for many decades. We chose the name of the winery based on the original German name of the village - Gurdau, as a way to honor the history and heritage of the place.

Gurdau vinařství
Gurdau vinařství

Our Philosophy

Minimalism, humility, and respect – these are the characteristics that define the Gurdau. We embrace tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for nature. This family-owned business revives Kurdějov's winemaking heritage with sustainable practices and meticulous techniques. Gurdau's exceptional wines showcase the region's unique terroir, offering a blend of tradition and modern sophistication.

Our varieties

We are mainly focused on the noble variety Riesling, which we have planted in 6 clones originated from the Wachau, Alsace, Rheingau and the Pfalz. From this single variety we produce our basic line, wines aged in oak barrels, sparkling wines and also sweet wines. In addition, we grow the two more varieties which diversify our offer – Green Veltliner and Pinot Blanc.

Gurdau vinařství
Gurdau terroir a tratě Vrstevnice

Local Terroir and vineyards

The small wine-growing village of Kurdějov is located near Hustopeče in a deep valley, surrounded by the foothills of the Žďánice Hills. It has a unique closed microclimate, highly sloping tracks and a great exposure. For all our tracks are typical calcareous sandstones covered with calcareous loess. We currently manage 8 hectares of vineyards.

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Veltliner 2020

Vesnice Kurdějov

Veltliner 2020

Yellow wine with greenish highlights. The aroma is intense, full, with notes of grapefruit, green apples and lime blossom.

The taste of the wine is juicy, spicy, full, with firm acidity and mineral salinity. Long aftertaste.

Veltliner 18 & 20

Vesnice Kurdějov

Veltliner 18 & 20

Warm welcome with fresh warm bread and butter.
Powerful body, the richness of baked pears, clotted cream, and cookies confronted with the acidity of just-ripe peach here.

The intense concentration of allspice and ground nutmeg combined with hazelnuts and macadamia nuts comes at the end.

Demanding wine for Burgundy lovers.

Veltliner 2021

Vesnice Kurdějov

Veltliner 2021

Light and crisp.Spring flowers followed by green apple, cooked quince with a few drops of yuzu juice, and shredded lime zest.

Terrific intensity and purity. Razor sharp acidity precision of white grapefruit and light herbal note on the long, mouth-watering finish.

Riesling 2020

Vesnice Kurdějov

Riesling 2020

Complex, textured Riesling full of energy. The breadth of flavours unfolding on the nose and palate.

To start with an interesting champagne-like toastiness with honeycomb toffee ice cream.

Followed by Heston’s roasted pineapple spiced with freshly grounded white pepper. Another layer starts with the fine acidity of Persian dried lime and tangerine.

Lemon grass, delicate jasmine, and a touch of vanilla cream stay with you forever.

Pinot Blanc 2020


Pinot Blanc 2020

Mandarin and apricot aroma together with masses of creamy white flowers, are benefits of the barrel fermentation.

Rose water, white daisy and camomile adds on delicacy and elegance. A white peach puree, cashew and almonds adds opulence to the texture.

But, it is the yellow apple, ripe lemon and definite mineral spiciness what brings excitement to this perfect Pinot blanc.

Riesling 2021

Selection of berries

Riesling 2021

Luscious composition, aromatic juice of ripe peach, manuka honey and sweet pear.

Lime cordial freshness cuts throught the massive concentration. It is fresh mango and candied pineapple what takes centre stage.

Rich mouthfeel continuous even in the finish, apple caramel with pleasant orange zest to taste.

Must 2021

Grape must

Must 2021

Fresh and juicy grape must made from our Veltliner. For all children, drivers and those who love the taste of grapes in their most natural form.

The grapes come from the unique terroir of the village Kurdějov, from the sunny track Vinohrádky. Pasteurized without preservatives and added sugar, not filtered.

Connected with nature

vrstevnice Gurdau pečeť
Vesnice Kurdějov
Vesnice Kurdějov

Respect for history

The wine-making tradition of the village Kurdějov dates back over a thousand years. The first official records of vineyards here date back to the 13th century when Kurdějov was considered one of the most significant wine-growing places. In 1286, lands with vineyards were purchased for high sums, and the wine from this region was only affordable for the high nobility. Some of the vineyard locations in this region were traded for whole villages. In the 16th century, German settlers brought advancements in winemaking and increased the value of local wines.

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Gurdau vinařství

Who manages the winery?

We are a young team of enthusiasts who do their work with love for wine and nature. Working at Gurdau is both our joy and our mission. Together, we strive to cultivate vineyards, transform their potential into a first-class product and deliver it to your table.

Václav Hort

Winery operations manager

Marek Sedláček


Josef Súkup


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If you want to buy our wines, or if you would like to include them in the offer in your restaurant or wine shop, contact us at or call +420 702 011 877. We will send you the current price list and advise you on the selection. We will deliver the wines to your door by courier.


Gurdau Vinařství s.r.o.

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Kurdějov 300
Czech republic
GPS: 48.959357, 16.767526

Bratislava: 107 km (1 hour)
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Friday: 13:00 - 21:00
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Winery news


Gurdau wines celebrated in the world as well. James Suckling review

"i always asked myself where the daring and exciting Czech wines were, and now we have the answer in the latest Gurdau offering"

"...the most remarkable of them is the Gurdau Riesling Stará Hora 2021, a dry Riesling that reminded Stuart of a top Wachau wine, but with fresher acidity.

Although Gurdau was founded back in 2012 by Zdeněk Hort and Marek Sedláček, the winery has recently been transformed by the completion of an innovative winery building designed by Aleš Fiala.
It not only houses the winery but also apartments and wine bar. Private fine dinning experience is on offer as well. Gurdau is a winery with a triple focus. Riesling. Veltliner. Pinot blanc.

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Stará Hora 2021
Score: 94 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Riesling Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2020
Score: 92 Points

Gurdau Pinot Blanc Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vinohrádky 2021
Score: 93 Points

Gurdau Veltliner Moravia Vesnice Kurdějov 2021
Score: 89 Points

Stuart Pigott - International Riesling Specialist,


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