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Winery origin

Gurdau winery was founded in 2012 by Jaromír Gala and Zdeněk Hort who planted 7 hectares of vineyards in small village Kurdějov. They were the first ones to restore the local winemaking tradition, which was interrupted for decades. The name of the winery originated from the former German name of the village – Gurdau.

Gurdau vinařství
Gurdau vinařství

Our Philosophy

Minimalism, humility and respect – these are our core values. Our flagship variety is pure and mineral Riesling, which is unique thanks to local excellent conditions. Our wines are produced using gentle methods, with respect for nature and terroir.

Rhine Riesling

We are mainly focused on the noble variety Riesling, which we have planted in 6 clones originated from the Wachau, Alsace, Rheingau and the Pfalz. From this single variety we produce our basic line, wines aged in oak barrels, sparkling wines and also sweet wines. In addition, we grow the two more varieties which diversify our offer – Green Veltliner and Pinot Blanc.

Gurdau vinařství
Gurdau terroir a tratě Vrstevnice

Local Terroir and vineyards

The small wine-growing village of Kurdějov is located near Hustopeče in a deep valley, surrounded by the foothills of the Žďánice Hills. It has a unique closed microclimate, highly sloping tracks and a great exposure. For all our tracks are typical calcareous sandstones covered with calcareous loess. We currently manage 8 hectares of vineyards.

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Vineyard Lipiny

Our youngest vineyard is also our highest vineyard – it stretches from 300 MAMSL (height above sea level) up to 353 MAMSL. It covers an area of 1 hectare and it is oriented directly to the south. You can find only our flagship variety in here – Riesling.

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Vineyard Vinohrádky

As soon as you pass the serpentines from Hustopeče city you get a great view of vineyard located in a dominant location directly above the Gothic church. We have also chosen this breathtaking location for our upcoming wine house. The vineyard lays at an altitude of 248-287 MAMSL and spread over an area of 4 hectares. It’s oriented southwest and it is the only vineyard to host all of our 3 varieties.

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Vineyard Stará Hora

The track is known mainly thanks to our premium Riesling, oriented southeast. You can find it right next to the Vinohrádky track. It spreads over an area of 3 hectares and stretches at an altitude of 233-285 MAMSL. In the spring of 2021, we planted the very first blue varieties in our winery on the track. Specifically, these are the Frankovka, Merlot and Dornfelder varieties, and they will join forces in the upcoming red cuvée.

Riesling 2019

Vesnice Kurdějov

Riesling 2019

Crystal clear wine with yellow color and straw reflections, very good viscosity. The aroma is clean, fruity, with hints of yellow stone fruit and yellow flowers. Full spicy taste reminiscent of kernels, apricot kernels and grapefruit peel. Longer finish.

Pinot Blanc 2018

Vesnice Kurdějov

Pinot Blanc 2018

Wine of deep golden color. The aroma is intense, ripe, with buttery and nutty tones. The taste is full, balanced, with tones of lime, white flowers, honey. A pleasant combination of juicy acid and woody tones. Long finish.

Veltliner 2019

Vesnice Kurdějov

Veltliner 2019

Wine of golden yellow color with green reflections. Aroma is intense, full, with tones of ripe apples and linden blossom. The taste of the wine is juicy, full, with solid acidity and mineral salinity. Long aftertaste.

Riesling 2019

Stará Hora

Riesling 2019

Crystal clear wine with a light green color and excellent viscosity. The aroma is extremely fruity, concentrated with a hint of orange jam, plums and fresh rosemary. The taste is juicy, fruity, full, with mineral acid reminiscent of ripe citrus, apricots and spices. Long finish.

Pinot Blanc Vinohrádky 2019


Pinot Blanc Vinohrádky 2019

Yellow gold wine with excellent viscosity. The aroma is intense, with tones of yellow fruit, linden blossom and vanilla. The taste is juicy, fruity, reminiscent of citrus, yellow apple and apricots. Solid acid and mineral salinity. Longer conclusion.

Extra Brut 15m


Extra Brut 15m

Transparent straw color with golden highlights and harmonious intense beading. The aroma is dominated by tones of ripe green apples, yellow fruit, chamomile and linden. In the taste we can discover elements of all three varieties - the juiciness of Riesling, the spiciness of Veltliner and the creaminess of Pinot Blanc. Long fresh finish.

Riesling 2017

Selection of berries

Riesling 2017

Dessert wine with higher residual sugar. Dark yellow color with bright dandelion-yellow reflections, excellent viscosity. The aroma is pure, intense, reminiscent of buttery-honey tones with a pleasant hint of candied fruit. The wine is sweet, fruity with a wonderful harmony between residual sugar, acid and spiciness. Very long finish.

Connected with nature

vrstevnice Gurdau pečeť
Vesnice Kurdějov Vesnice Kurdějov

Respect for history

The first mention of Kurdějov village is dated to 13th century, when it was known as one of the most important wine-growing villages in Moravia region. There used to be up to 400 hectares of vineyards and local wine could be found on tables of many nobles and monasteries. Name of the village has changed many times over the years – from Curdieiow, Gurdějov, Gurdaw, Gurdau… to today's “Kurdějov”.

This small village faced som difficult times in past, which caused decline of population and later on decline of the vineyards. They were completely destroyed in the 1960s. However, this is now a matter of the past. The dominant feature of Kurdějov is the fortified parish church of St. John the Baptist in the Gothic style, which is located below our vineyards.

The village emblem portray a pike, which can ne also found in the seal of our winery.

Gurdau vinařství

Who manages the winery?

We are a young team of enthusiasts who do their work with a love of wine and nature. Together we try to cultivate vineyards, turn their potential into a first-class product and get it to your table. The male part of the team is most often found in the vineyard, Mark also in the cellar. Natália is in charge of sales and marketing, Sylva is happy to meet you at a business meeting or tasting in your wine shop, restaurant or with us in Kurdějov.

Natália Dvořák

Trade, marketing

Marek Sedláček

Main winemaker

Václav Hort

Winery worker

Jan Vybíral

Vineyard worker

Sylva Sněhotová

Trade, tastings

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Gurdau vinařský dům

We are building a wine house

Our wine house will grow right between the rows in a beautiful vineyard above the church. Minimalist, elegant and respectful of nature, as well as Gurdau wines themselves. We will invite you for a drink on the terrace at the beginning of 2022. Until then, we will be happy to meet you for a tasting at our vineyard or cellar in Kurdějov - just contact us and we will be happy to arrange everything.

Few places, where you can enjoy our wine

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What's new with us


We are opening our cellar! This Saturday 26.6. there will be a summer tour of Kurdejov wines - St. Johann Fest. We will have an open cellar all day long, so come and taste wines from our offer and something from our archive too. You can find our cellar in Kurdejov in alley between the church and the municipal office. Our doors will be open from 11:00, so come and greet us!


Dry February is over for the brave ones and spring is ahead of us! And since we can't invite you for a glass of wine in Kurdějov at the moment, we are offering a free shipping in Czech republic during  the "wet March". 

Just order at least a carton (6 wines) via our email to info@gurdauvinarstvi.cz – we will be happy to help you with the choice.


We have two dry and juicy news in our portfolio – Veltliner 2018 and Pinot Blanc 2018. Don't hesitate to write us for orders.

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